Viagra Boys: Common Sense

Back in 2018, Sweden’s Viagra Boys dropped their debut record Street Worms. That’s a hell of a record, right up there with the best of recent post-punk releases, and if you haven’t heard it, get on it. Carrying on with the observational lyricism blended with frequent (and fitting) profanities, Common Sense is at times aContinue reading “Viagra Boys: Common Sense”

NITEFISH: Moneyf*ck

There are many joys to reviewing music. I get to listen to and share music I feel is worth sharing, I go to a heap of gigs, and from time to time I’m sent interesting new music from up-and-coming artists. NITEFISH are the latest act to send their sound my way, and I have toContinue reading “NITEFISH: Moneyf*ck”

Odd Morris on new single “Lilac Leaves” and life lessons over pints

Odd Morris gave us “What Might Be” earlier this year. A gritty alt-rock gem, it added Odd Morris to the ever-growing list of Irish bands to watch out for. That was back in March. Today they release their second single, “Lilac Leaves”, and Reclessreviews has the inside scoop behind the song just for you. We managedContinue reading “Odd Morris on new single “Lilac Leaves” and life lessons over pints”

The Murder Capital: When I Have Fears

Love, loss, fear, friendship. Permanence. Or, the lack there of. The delicacy of life which you are only reminded of when what you thought would last forever is swept away like sand from the palm of your hand. Brutal, yes, but part of life. And The Murder Capital know it. Post-punk past and present WhenContinue reading “The Murder Capital: When I Have Fears”

The Murder Capital-Don’t Cling To Life

The Murder Capital have just released their latest single “Don’t Cling To Life” which takes our Track of the Week spot. With what will probably be their last release before their album When I Have Fears drops on August 16th, we find The Murder Capital going full belt. Check out the official video below.