About reclessreviews

Hi there! My name is Gene Murphy and I run this here little music website reclessreviews. What’s does reclessreviews mean I hear you ask? Well, rec is for records, and when you add on the less you get a shortened version of reckless! reviews of course means to assess the record I’m listening to and add my two cents. In Layman’s terms, I called it reclessreviews because the reviews are just the opinion of your common listener. They’re too short/too long, vague, direct, detailed, misinterpreted, and for the most part (I hope), a bit of fun.

I review everything from records I own myself to songs sent my way my friends and fellow music enthusiasts. I don’t hop on bandwagons because there’s often no room left. Sometimes an artist will ask me to review their album or song which reclessreviews will gladly do.

A little heads up too, my favourite album of all time is Interpol’s Turn On The Bright Lights because its almost all too real, and my favourite artist is Bruce Springsteen. That man can tell a story better than anyone else in the business. So enjoy reclessreviews and I sincerely hope you take something away and find new music you love.

20170225_162604(I know, I could have at least smiled!)


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