Slim Tin Fox: Catch them while you can

Do you like rock? (Yeah!) Do you like roll? (Yeah!) Do you like quiet Friday nights in with a bottle of red and…oh wait, going a little off track with this one… Back to rock ‘n’ roll and back to the band I want to tell you about today: Slim Tin Fox.  Slim Tin FoxContinue reading “Slim Tin Fox: Catch them while you can”

Viagra Boys: Common Sense

Back in 2018, Sweden’s Viagra Boys dropped their debut record Street Worms. That’s a hell of a record, right up there with the best of recent post-punk releases, and if you haven’t heard it, get on it. Carrying on with the observational lyricism blended with frequent (and fitting) profanities, Common Sense is at times aContinue reading “Viagra Boys: Common Sense”

Shady Nasty release mind-bending new single “AA”

I hope you’re sitting for this one. Or at least holding onto something solid. Because I’d like to introduce you to Shady Nasty. Rising out of Sydney, Shady Nasty recently signed to Royal Mountain Records and Inertia Music and will release their new EP Bad Posture on February 21st. Ahead of its release, they’re dropping theContinue reading “Shady Nasty release mind-bending new single “AA””

Slyrydes: Dangerous Animals

Galway’s Slyrydes don’t mess around. For the last 6 years, they’ve been defining their sound, building momentum and slowly getting louder. They’ve recently released their latest single “Dangerous Animals” from their upcoming debut album Galway’s Slyrydes. Here’s what they had this to say about the song: “This song is more about why we feel the way weContinue reading “Slyrydes: Dangerous Animals”

Egyptian Blue-Collateral

The latest of many up-and-coming post punk bands that I can’t stop listening to, Egyptian Blue, came to my attention through The Murder Capital. They recently released their debut EP Collateral Damage and that’s where we pull our Track of the Week from. “Collateral” was the first single released from the EP and is aContinue reading “Egyptian Blue-Collateral”