Shady Nasty release mind-bending new single “AA”

I hope you’re sitting for this one.

Or at least holding onto something solid.

Because I’d like to introduce you to Shady Nasty.

Rising out of Sydney, Shady Nasty recently signed to Royal Mountain Records and Inertia Music and will release their new EP Bad Posture on February 21st.

Ahead of its release, they’re dropping the first single from the EP, “AA“. Ripping open with speed, “AA” takes on a heavy, confrontational beat and lyrical tone, reminiscent of the likes of Show Me The Body. The brutality of the song’s closing is what makes it for me, as the individual seems unable to distinguish between what is real and what is not.

Of “AA”, Shady Nasty said, ““AA” sees a band member speak to his declining mental health after a painful lung operation. Sinking untold hours into FPS and RPG video games during his recovery, his grip on reality begins to slip“.

The video was directed by drummer Luca Watson and is split between a twisted videogame adventure and the frightening movements of the ailing individual.

Check out the video below and the “AA” on Spotify here, and mind your ears.

The Bad Posture EP will be out on February 21st and it will definitely be getting a recless review. You can pre-order it here in the meantime. Peace.


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