Shady Nasty: Bad Posture

A few weeks ago, Shady Nasty released their single “AA”, which I had on repeat and covered.

Today they’ve released their latest EP Bad Posture, and I’m excited to tell you about it.

shady nasty band

If EPs are intended to lay down a marker, Shady Nasty makes a hell of a statement. Brooding, brash and bruising, Bad Posture only leaves you wanting more.

Previously released “AA” maybe my favourite Shady Nasty track, and it sounds so much more at home on the EP.

Both “Jewellery” and “Get Buff” were released previously, the latter being the band’s leading single of 2019. “Jewellery” is somewhat of an ode to lead singer Kevin Stathis’ gold Volvo, a car that ended up being the centre of family tensions. His grunts open up a pounding, gripping track that establishes what Shady Nasty is all about.

On “Get Buff”, Stathis fights back against the expectations his parents have placed on him, and even includes recordings of arguments he’s had with his mother.

Perhaps the biggest twist on this EP is in that of “77SUNK”. The diversity of the EP is evident here as the song falls into an almost dream-like chorus of introspection. These quieter moments then give way to Stathis aggressive, slick lyricism, thick bass and impatient drum beat.

What’s most impressive about Bad Posture is Shady Nasty’s refusal to stick to the script. They don’t sound like any other bands rising out of Australia at the moment, and if they keep going like this, they’ll outgrow it sooner rather than later. As drummer Luca Watson says, “There’s a legacy of Australian rock bands who thrive on the local, idiosyncratic reference stuff, but I am not interested in extending that legacy. I want to do something different.”

Check out Bad Posture and be sure to follow the guys on their tour via Facebook and Instagram!

Shady Nasty has also released a video for “77SUNK”, directed by Luca Watson, which you can watch below.


Sources: Terrorbird

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