Egg Drop Soup release new single and EP

A gift from them to you this Christmas Day, Eat Snacks And Bleed is the new EP by California all-girl punk rock group Egg Drop Soup. Along with the EP, they’ve also dropped a new single, “Swamp Ass”.

Egg Drop Soup consists of vocalist/bassist Sam Westervelt, guitarist Olivia Sap, and drummer Bailey Chapman. Having released their first EP P.M.S. in 2019, Eat Snacks And Bleed serves up another punch bowl of intoxicating punk rock.

Five tracks long and finely balanced, the new EP is harsh and aggressive yet fun and lively. When thinking of where its sound sits, I would say somewhere between the energy of The Beths and the righteous, in-your-face-deal-with-it attitude of Savages. So, a good place, a good place indeed.

Swamp Ass“, Egg Drop Soup’s new single, also came out yesterday and you can check out the awesome video below.

Speaking about the video, which pays homage to The Virgin Suicides and Sharp Objects, vocalist/bassist Sam Westervelt says, “We’re stuck in this time warp, dealing with issues of self worth and peer pressure. The repetitive nature of existence is all we feel, sometimes. We’re isolated from the outside world now in a lot of ways.”

While you’re here, check out Egg Drop Soup over on Facebook, Instagram and their own site where you can find the latest band news and releases.


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