FIRES. release epic debut EP, Close Eyes, Deep Breath, Run.

Dublin rockers FIRES. have released their highly anticipated debut EP Close Eyes, Deep Breathe, Run. and you need to hear it.

A six song collection, the fruition of three years of writing, demoing, and recording, Close Eyes, Deep Breathe, Run. contains previous singlesForgotten Sons,”All For This,” and “Dreamalong with three brand new tracks.

Dealing with themes such as loss, grief, and self-esteem, Close Eyes, Deep Breath, Run. is a deeply personal set of songs that bring the listener on an emotional journey while also packing the punch FIRES. have become known for. The EP is a strong demonstration of the sound that the band have achieved, and is an exciting insight into what’s to come.

Close Eyes, Deep Breath, Run. is energetic, it’s guitar heavy, it’s well-crafted and ready for the stage. Unfortunately, FIRES.’s sound is more suited to large gatherings who can cut loose rather than a virtual gig, so it may be a while before we see the EP take flight for real.

In the end, Close Eyes, Deep Breath, Run. is an interesting listen. It’s punky and driving, the songs are thoughtful yet spacey, and with emotive strings, synths, and engaging voice-overs, it’s an extremely involving debut EP.

Find FIRES. over on Instagram and Facebook where they share the latest band news.


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