Slim Tin Fox: Catch them while you can

Do you like rock? (Yeah!)

Do you like roll? (Yeah!)

Do you like quiet Friday nights in with a bottle of red and…oh wait, going a little off track with this one…

Back to rock ‘n’ roll and back to the band I want to tell you about today: Slim Tin Fox


Slim Tin Fox is a hard rock band out of Dublin that packs a serious punch. Formed in 2018, the band “combines the attitude and power of the punk and hard rock with the melody and warmth of the blues and folk.”

They’ve released a plethora of singles to date and toured extensively, delivering anthemic choruses and raw guitar solos everywhere they go.

Particular tracks to check out are “Corporate Man“, When I Get Off” and “Salt“, all up (and many more) on Spotify now. 

Keep tabs on Slim Tin Fox by simply following them on Instagram and Facebook too.


Photo Credit: Slim Tin Fox

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Irish dude who loves all things music. Can be found front row at gigs and in record shops.

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