Rising Dublin rapper RUNOFFBROKE is back with his fifth single of the year – but it’s not what you’d expect. That’s because this time, RUNOFFBROKE is all loved up, kinda. 

On, “Wish You Knew”, RUNOFFBROKE oozes confidence and delivers his usual effortless flow. This time however, he does so against a beat that combines influences of afrobeat, dancehall, and deephouse, while detailing “A toxic relationship that you’re happy to be in.” It’s a love song that explores the cyclical nature of toxicity in relationships, this being illustrated in the lyric, “Toxic love but we learn together, and if we don’t then we burn together.”

Of course, “Wish You Knew” will be compared to his previous releases. Beyond being catchy, the single shows RUNOFFBROKE’s diversity and ability to adapt his skills to multiple genres/melodies. 

Produced by NINETY7HERTZ, “Wish You Knew” is up now on Spotify for your enjoyment.

You can also keep up with all things RUNOFFBROKE on Facebook and Instagram.



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