Time to catch up with RUNOFFBROKE?

I make no qualms about it, I know nothing about rap. I don’t really seek it out either.

However, that doesn’t mean that the odd artist or album doesn’t squeeze into my weekly listen (Kevin Federline, Dee Dee King)…

This week it’s RUNOFFBROKE. The Dublin native recently returned from two years in Berlin where he recorded and performed extensively.

So far this year he’s been in prolific form, releasing three singles: “Sins“, “Gimme Dat” and “White Bag“. These come on the back of an EP release back in November titled Lost In The Good Times.

Regarding lyricism, RUNOFFBROKE describes his style as “bi-polar hip-hop” adding, “I’m always going back on what I said, one verse will say one thing, the next verse will say another completely contradicting it. Our inner dialogue is like that though- a constant back and forth.”

All three songs were also produced, mixed, and mastered by NINETY7HERTZ and are up on Spotify now for your listening.

Be sure to give RUNOFFBROKE a follow on Facebookand Instagram too.


Published by Gene

Irish dude who loves all things music. Can be found front row at gigs and in record shops.

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