Craig Cooney: Young Forever

Dublin-based freestyle rapper Craig Cooney is dropping a brand new track on July 17th titled “Young Forever”, and we have the inside scoop.  Recorded in Windmill Lane Studios by engineer and producer Cormac Kavanagh, “Young Forever” finds Craig reminiscing and reflecting on his childhood. A laid-back track, its mellow beat and catchy chorus create nostalgicContinue reading “Craig Cooney: Young Forever”

Time to catch up with RUNOFFBROKE?

I make no qualms about it, I know nothing about rap. I don’t really seek it out either. However, that doesn’t mean that the odd artist or album doesn’t squeeze into my weekly listen (Kevin Federline, Dee Dee King)… This week it’s RUNOFFBROKE. The Dublin native recently returned from two years in Berlin where heContinue reading “Time to catch up with RUNOFFBROKE?”

NITEFISH: Moneyf*ck

There are many joys to reviewing music. I get to listen to and share music I feel is worth sharing, I go to a heap of gigs, and from time to time I’m sent interesting new music from up-and-coming artists. NITEFISH are the latest act to send their sound my way, and I have toContinue reading “NITEFISH: Moneyf*ck”

Kanye West-ye

‘ye’ is the latest release from Kanye West. I didn’t have much interest in his last two records but I do like this one. Sure, it’s still West calling himself a “superhero” but he also discusses drugs and his mental health issues. All to the sound of his often brash, often rough beats. ‘ye’debuted atContinue reading “Kanye West-ye”

A$AP Rocky-Testing

Alright. I might be inviting ridicule for this one but whatever. I listened through A$AP Rocky’s latest record, ‘Testing’ on the 25th, when it came out, and I’m finding it hard to understand. It’s his third studio record and to date, his most audacious. However, being bold doesn’t always work. For the record, I lovedContinue reading “A$AP Rocky-Testing”

Drake – If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late

‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late‘ is the fourth mixtape by Drake. We all know who Drake is in 2017 but it was this record that brought him to my attention in 2015. I hadn’t been a fan of his previous records apart from a few tracks, but when I heard ‘Energy’, the secondContinue reading “Drake – If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late”

Tame Impala- Currents

‘Currents‘ is the third album by Tame Impala and the first record of their’s that I bought. I picked it up in HMV because I thought the cover looked cool and then the cashier started raving on about them. I then found out how highly rated they are and that they were already pretty big.Continue reading “Tame Impala- Currents”