Joe T. Johnson: English Elegance

It seems as though I find myself listening to a lot of music coming out of Bristol these days. But what harm, especially when it’s all so good. The latest Bristol-based artist is Joe Turner Johnson, an up-and-coming singer-songwriter. Having released two tracks earlier this year, “10 Pounds” and “Friends“, his latest single “English Elegance”Continue reading “Joe T. Johnson: English Elegance”

Seán Fox: WIRES

Seán Fox is a young Irish singer-songwriter from Wicklow with a knack for writing catchy pop songs. Having released two singles in 2018 and 2019, he looks set to enjoy a busy 2020. In fact, earlier this month he supported Jerry Fish where he would have debuted his new track, “WIRES”. So, what about “WIRES”?Continue reading “Seán Fox: WIRES”


Picking a Track of the Week (when I remember to) is easy when great songs come along. This week’s is another simple choice… INSIDEAWAVE released “Village” on August 9th and it’s gone down a treat since. And why wouldn’t it? It’s a wonderful indie ditty as sweet as sugar. Here’s a link to INSIDEAWAVE’s SpotifyContinue reading “INSIDEAWAVE: VILLAGE”

Sharon Van Etten-Remind Me Tomorrow

Ah yes. Sharon Van Etten is back on the airwaves, I’m going to see her live in 2 months and that rash I thought I had turned out to be just smeared jam. Ah, life is good again. Today’s album up for review is Van Etten’s latest record, Remind Me Tomorrow. For me, and many othersContinue reading “Sharon Van Etten-Remind Me Tomorrow”

Fresh Blood from Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig recently announced that the band will be releasing a new album titled FOTB. For all the Vampire Weekend fans out there, including myself, this is super exciting news! It will be their first release in six years, a fact Koenig addressed in his Instagram post announcing the album, “I know thatContinue reading “Fresh Blood from Vampire Weekend”

Track Of The Week – Will Joseph Cook – Hands

Heard Will Joseph Cook in a cafe about a week ago. Started listening to him on Spotify. He plays very “nice” indie music. I wouldn’t have him on everyday but it certainly has its place! Here is his song “Hands”; an easy on the ear track from his debut Sweet Dreamer.

Wussy-Forever Sounds

Wussy came my way a few months back and are now as special to me as sunny days are to the Irish. I can’t get enough of them. From their debut ‘Funeral Dress’ to the most recent, and the subject of today’s review, ‘Forever Sounds’, Wussy have told tales of love, hardship and sometimes, TheContinue reading “Wussy-Forever Sounds”

NEW BAND ALERT: Insideawave

Today I want to give you the heads up on one of Ireland best up-and-coming bands, Insideawave. They’re an indie five piece based in Dublin and they’ve recently released their first two singles, ‘Estuary’ and ‘Enough’. Obviously you’ll have to give them a listen yourself but I’ve had both tracks on repeat for the lastContinue reading “NEW BAND ALERT: Insideawave”