MUNKY: Closed Door Policy

The new music Fridays just keep coming and today we have a little treat for you. MUNKY has released their latest single “Closed Door Policy” two weeks ahead of schedule to keep us entertained during isolation. 2019 was a big year for the band as they released their debut EP, Un, Deux, Trois, Cat, and toured Europe with Meat Puppets. As with previous releases, “Closed Door … Continue reading MUNKY: Closed Door Policy

Movie Club release new EP and single

Genre-bending instrumentalists Movie Club has just dropped a new EP, Man O’War. The Venice-based band has also gone and released a new single, “Bones” along with an accompanying video (see below). The four-track EP includes the previously released “Moonbow” which we reviewed back in February. Psychedelic rock for the most part, the EP highlights the chemistry between the band’s two members. You can listen to … Continue reading Movie Club release new EP and single

Post-Punk Revival Revival?

What does post-punk revival revival mean? Did post-punk fade away? Why is it even important? Was that a typo? These are all questions you might have asked yourself when you read the headline. What do I mean by post-punk revival revival? Let me explain. We all remember the heyday of the early 2000’s when post-punk/alt-rock bands such as The Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Franz Ferdinand, … Continue reading Post-Punk Revival Revival?

Mick Flannery-White Lies

Recently I’ve been delving into the world of Irish music and going back over some of my favourite Irish artists work. Mick Flannery is an artist I hadn’t listened to in a long time so I started from the beginning with ‘Evening Train’ which I thought was a pretty solid debut record. ‘White Lies’ followed 3 years later in 2008 and the though his debut was … Continue reading Mick Flannery-White Lies

Buckle Up

Car Seat Headrest took to the Olympia stage last Wednesday supported by Naked Giants. As fans will know, he (Will Toledo), has released 11 records to date and he’s still only 25! Among these records are the outstanding ‘Teens of Style’, ‘Teens of Denial’, ‘Twin Fantasy’ and ‘How To Leave Town‘. These records are usually well over an hour long with 2/3 tracks needing your … Continue reading Buckle Up

TOTW-Sonic Youth-Dirty Boots

I’ve never hidden my love for Sonic Youth and recently they’re all I can listen to. ‘Goo’ in particular is a record I keep going over, and it’s the opening track, ‘Dirty Boots’ that is our TOTW. A little more subtle than what fans of Sonic Youth were used to at the time, but still bringing the sound that only they carried. Have a listen … Continue reading TOTW-Sonic Youth-Dirty Boots