MUNKY: Closed Door Policy

The new music Fridays just keep coming and today we have a little treat for you.

MUNKY has released their latest single “Closed Door Policy” two weeks ahead of schedule to keep us entertained during isolation.

2019 was a big year for the band as they released their debut EP, Un, Deux, Trois, Cat, and toured Europe with Meat Puppets. As with previous releases, “Closed Door Policy” adds another genre to the MUNKY repertoire – disco.

“Closed Door Policy” is a trip. It’s a breezy, smooth, catchy jam. And, it’s also about isolation. As the band says, ”The song was written about isolating oneself from others, for fear of overexposing yourself, for fear of growing stale”. When it comes to sound, the single is built on infectious drum and bass grooves and uber-cool guitar riffs.

“Closed Door Policy” also features backing vocals by Toisín and Sinead McConville and is out now on Spotify.

MUNKY can be found on Spotify, Facebook, Instagram and Bandcamp.

Stay safe!


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