MUNKY-Un, Deux, Trois, Cat

Calling all fans of, well, all music I guess, MUNKY have recently released their highly anticipated debut EP Un, Deux, Trois, Cat! The Dublin rockers have been steadily building a following over the last 2 years, releasing a number of rock, funk and blues inspired bangers.


I say “all fans” because MUNKY are one of the most diverse bands to come out of Ireland in recent years. If you’re into bluesy rock, their early tracks such as “Hunter Gather Blues” and “7am” will go down a treat. On the other hand, if you’re looking for some straight up rock tunes, tracks such as “Ms. Communication” and “You’ve Got Male” (video below) from Un, Deux, Trois, Cat are ideal.

Un, Deux, Trois, Cat balances a number of genres and themes while staying accessible to all. “One In Five” in particular is a thought provoking track whose lyrics are difficult to ignore, focusing on the #metoo campaign from the male perspective and how there’s often a lack of empathy shown.

With Un, Deux, Trois, Cat, MUNKY cement their place as one of Ireland’s hottest up-and-coming rock bands. Give the EP a listen here.


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