Chilliwack-Dreams, Dreams, Dreams

ANOTHER little review just for you!

Chilliwack are a band I kind of got into while I lived in Canada. I’m pretty sure it was Rock 101 because they were always on wherever I worked, and Chilliwack, being Canadian, got a lot of air time. They’ve a few hits and you’ve probably heard some of their stuff. In general, it is run of the mill rock, sounding the same as many bands of the 70’s and 80’s. But they’re good! Dreams, Dreams, Dreams is their sixth album released in 1977 and was their first to go platinum.

The opening track of Dreams, Dreams, Dreams should be recognisable to you. “Fly at Night” is one of their best known songs and also featured in Dumb & Dumber, a bitta trivia for ya there! Now, that song could be about drugs, or it simply could be a story about a rock band who fly by night to fulfill contractual duties. “California Girl” is a little love song but still done in a 70’s style, obviously. The rest of the record rises and dips and is pretty varied in that they fused different genres and sounds together. When compared to their later record Wanna Be a Star, you can hear a contrast that you wish would have come sooner. But there it is, progressive rock and what not.

Check out the brilliant makeshift video for “Fly at Night” below. Also, check out Rock 101. It’s wall to wall bangers!

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