Randy Newman-Randy Newman

Another quick review comin’ at cha!

I’ve been doing this “going back” thing with a lot of artists recently, going right back to the beginning and listening to all their records. It’s interesting because you can hear how their music develops (or regresses) as they go on.

That’s how I got to Randy Newman. I’ve been going through his records over the last few days and he’s just so God damn good! Well known for his films score’s such as Toy Story, his studio albums are just as good. He has his hits of course, Short People being a well known, kind of funny single.

Anyway, back to Randy Newman. This is his debut record, released in 1968 when he was just 25 years young. A love album really, it wasn’t exactly well received when released but I think it’s a decent, accessible record that any artist that young should be proud of. It’s pretty much a piano record too but features backing instruments such as guitar and drums.

The stand out tracks for me are Love Story (You and Me), The Beehive State and I Think It’s Going to Rain Today, a song covered many times since its release. The whole record is easy to listen to and at 28 minutes there’s no excuse for not giving it a go!


Photo Credit: allmusic.com

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