Elina Filice & Claudia Crampton team up for alt R&B track, “Lying”

Elina Felice is back with a brand new track and this time she’s brought company. “Lying” features talented rapper Claudia Crampton and the result is an uber-catchy, slick R&B track.

We’ve previously featured Elina’s music on reclessreviews so her unique style is no stranger to us.

Lying“, which has just dropped, fuses a modern hip-hop beat with alternative elements. Elina’s jazz-influenced guitar, bass and spoken-word style verse contrast with Claudia’s clever rhymes and quick, effortless flow.

Describing the inspiration for the song, Elina says, “Fascination with the concept of Lying inspired the song. So much of our lives, on a small and large scale, with how we relate to ourselves and each other, is based on lies. The lies we tell ourselves to get by, the lies we tell to either harm or protect each other.”

Check out “Lying” on Spotify and give Elina a follow over on Facebook and Instagram. Also, check out her website!


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