Elina Filice releases powerful video for hit single “Thinking of You”

Back in May, Elina Filice released her latest single, “Thinking of You”. The song has become her most successful to date, garnering nearly a quarter of a million plays on Spotify. To complete the single, she’s released a powerful music video to match.

Thinking of You” is a funky track with an infectious chorus, blending pop and funk influences with modern hip-hop sounds. Listening to it (on repeat), it’s no wonder that people are hooked.

And today, the song comes full circle as Elina drops its accompanying music video.

Describing the video for “Thinking of You“, Elina says, “The video is pretty gay. It’s a little nerve-racking to be this gay on camera, but…this is my life, this is my friends’ lives. Queer visibility is important, and as a creator, honest content like this is my way of fighting to normalize queerness and queer love. I think it’s important to recognize that feeling safe enough to be openly out, let alone shooting a music video like this, isn’t possible for a lot of queer people around the world.”

Shot in and around Toronto, the video is not only captivating, it’s also highly visual and more importantly, thought provoking.

Thinking of You” isn’t Elina’s only great release. You can find all of her music on Spotify, and keep up with her on her website, Facebook and Instagram.


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