NÍV graces us with new single “Moonlight”

Kildare singer/songwriter Niamh Murray has quite the story. Having been the lead singer of country folk band Murmur, she moved onto indie rock band District Daze who played the likes of Electric Picnic and Vantastival. And now, as if her resume wasn’t impressive enough, she’s going solo under a new alias, NÍV.

Having released “You” in 2019 and “Silly Voices” earlier this year, NÍV is back with visceral a new track, “Moonlight“.

“Moonlight” is a piano lead single which showcases Niamh’s distinct voice. A song that explores relationships and love, it contrasts and complements her two previous releases perfectly.

Speaking about the song, NÍV says, “I think that this song really depicts a constant
love. It is a story of love that doesn’t ever really go away, even if the relationship does.”

She cites acts such as Damien Rice, The Cranberries and Joni Mitchell as influences, with Irish traditional music also an inspiration.

For more on NÍV and her music, make sure to follow her on Spotify. And for all things social, you can find her over on Instagram and Facebook right now.


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