A$AP Rocky-Testing

Alright. I might be inviting ridicule for this one but whatever. I listened through A$AP Rocky’s latest record, ‘Testing’ on the 25th, when it came out, and I’m finding it hard to understand. It’s his third studio record and to date, his most audacious. However, being bold doesn’t always work.

For the record, I loved ‘Long. Live. A$AP’ and I thought ‘At. Long. Last. A$AP‘ also had its moments. But I can’t take this anymore. ‘Testing‘ is completely void of anything interesting or worth hearing. If you’ve gone out and bought this record I genuinely feel sorry for you. What Rocky has done here is to try and out-do his previous weirdness. Sure, it goes against the grain which is what he does best but there’s nothing of value in ‘Testing’. Most songs tease the possibility of quality, only for it to fall into the same spew of crap you hear on 98% of rap record these days. You don’t even need to go that deep into his record before wanting to turn around, with Moby’s ‘Porcelain’ sadly being cheapened on the second track, ‘A$AP Forever (Remix)’.

Look at these lyrics from ‘Tony Tone’, the third track-



“I could give a fuck about a diss, ya heard?
I could give a fuck about your clique, ya heard?
Shut the fuck up ‘fore I rock your bitch, ya heard? Uhh”

The record is essentially that-repeated. The sound is even broken, with tracks either never taking flight or sounding exactly the same as every other typical rap/hip-hop track released over the last 4/5 years. Where’s his individuality gone? He doesn’t even sound the same on ‘Testing‘. If by some miracle a deluxe or special edition of this is released down the line let’s hope it’s titled ‘Testing: Anyone There?’

I can’t go on about this record anymore it’s that poor. I know records take time but making music that intentionally sounds so out of the ordinary and loosely put together takes the biscuit. There’s nothing cool about this and I’m sorry A$SAP, talking about ‘bitches’ and fashion just doesn’t cover your lack of creativity any longer. Don’t even bother with this on Spotify by the way.



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