NEW BAND ALERT: Insideawave

Today I want to give you the heads up on one of Ireland best up-and-coming bands, Insideawave. They’re an indie five piece based in Dublin and they’ve recently released their first two singles, ‘Estuary’ and ‘Enough’. Obviously you’ll have to give them a listen yourself but I’ve had both tracks on repeat for the last few days and I’m really impressed with their sound. I won’t make any comparisons between them and well known indie bands as I’m sure they’re trying to do their own thing. I can however assure you that both tracks are excellent and you should stick them on NOW.

Be sure to keep tabs on these guys because they’ve big things ahead of them. You can find them on Instagram and Facebook, and more than likely on the radio in the near future!

Published by Gene

Irish dude who loves all things music. Can be found front row at gigs and in record shops.

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