Buckle Up

Car Seat Headrest took to the Olympia stage last Wednesday supported by Naked Giants. As fans will know, he (Will Toledo), has released 11 records to date and he’s still only 25! Among these records are the outstanding ‘Teens of Style’, ‘Teens of Denial’, ‘Twin Fantasy’ and ‘How To Leave Town‘. These records are usually well over an hour long with 2/3 tracks needing your undivided attention for upwards of 12 minutes. So, I was looking forward to some serious solos and oh boy did they deliver!


The Olympia. Do I really need to say how perfect it is all over again?


Naked Giants. These guys came out of nowhere and I really enjoyed them. Songs such as ‘TV’, ‘Everybody Thinks They Know’ and ‘Slow Dance II’ were all brilliant. They tore through every song and the audience responded really well. By the time they wrapped up, everyone was well and truly riled up for Car Seat Headrest. Check out their debut ‘SLUFF’ too!

Main Act

Banging gig. Toledo’s backing band were Naked Giants plus two more (I can’t find their names, sorry) and they played pretty much every song I could have wanted except for ‘Vincent’. They even did a cover of a Frank Ocean track but I’ve yet to find any love for him, so I don’t know what it was. They interacted with the crowd, especially the Naked Giant drummer who even dragged a fan up to play some good ole cowbell!


The visuals were at a minimum this time around, but that’s cool. The sound was perfect and both bands were more than happy to tear into solos. There was no real distortion and the vocals came across as they would on the record, so all good. Granted, I was stone deaf after it!


Great gig. Crowd was rowdy as hell and so were the bands. I’d definitely go see them again and for €27, it was a bargain! Much better than the Ed Sheeran gig too by all accounts!


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