Have A Nice Life: Bloodhail

You know what reclessreviews hasn’t done in a long time, a Track of the Week. If any song was worthy of resurrecting this Friday special, “Bloodhail” is it. 

Have A Nice Life is an American post-punk/shoegaze band I’ve just begun listening to. I don’t even feel bad that it’s taken so long for them to come my way, I’m just happy they have.

Below is “Bloodhail“, a track from the band’s debut record, Deathconsciousness. For this song there are no words. Just listen. 


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Photo credit: The Flenser

Published by electricgene

30 (eek), Irish. I write the blog reclessreviews! Music is my passion, so I try to spread the word of all the music that passes my ears, be it good or bad (mostly good!). I also write short stories and poetry and post them on iwritethesethings.

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