The Murder Capital: When I Have Fears

Love, loss, fear, friendship.

Permanence. Or, the lack there of. The delicacy of life which you are only reminded of when what you thought would last forever is swept away like sand from the palm of your hand.

Brutal, yes, but part of life. And The Murder Capital know it.

Post-punk past and present

When I Have Fears has been a long time in the making. Not the record itself, but the experiences that have inspired it. The Murder Capital, an Irish 5-piece part of our vibrant DIY music scene (see record label), combine their individual life experiences to create what can only be described as a post-punk masterpiece. If you’re a fan of the genre, you’ll agree that’s just a fact.

Having released four well received tracks and built-up a hell of a lot of hype, The Murder Capital have cemented their place in time with When I Have Fears. A beautiful, raw, ripping record that draws on both the past and present, every second in counted for as if time were about to run out.

Give me more

From the moment ‘”For Everything” opens this record, you’re enthralled.

An enveloping track itself, it simply acts as a taste of things to come. From here, the roaring “More Is Less” and perfectly constructed “Green & Blue” capture and dispense of any doubts you may have had left. “Slowdance 1” and “Slowdance 2” are the kind of tracks that I myself adore post-punk for. With “Slowdance 2” for instance, not a word is said and not a word is needed to understand the feeling behind the music.

It’s just beautiful.

By the time you find your way to “How The Streets Adore Me Now” you’ll be wondering how The Murder Capital could possible offer more. This track might come as a surprise to many but true to the record, it’s magical. The unfamiliar, deep, brooding tone James McGovern takes on encapsulates the lyrics in such a way that the song takes on a life itself.

Closing out the record is “Love, Love, Love”. From what I gather by way of the lyrics, love loses out in this one.

When it’s all said and done

For a debut record, When I Have Fears is an incredible piece of work. Except, it doesn’t sound, or read, like a piece of work. You have to give it to The Murder Capital, When I Have Fears is instead a piece of art.


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