Odd Morris on new single “Lilac Leaves” and life lessons over pints

Odd Morris gave us “What Might Be” earlier this year. A gritty alt-rock gem, it added Odd Morris to the ever-growing list of Irish bands to watch out for.

That was back in March. Today they release their second single, “Lilac Leaves”, and Reclessreviews has the inside scoop behind the song just for you.

We managed to snag the band for a hot minute during the week to ask a few questions.

Rec: Lilac Leaves is your first single in a while. What’s the story behind it?

OM: It was definitely influenced by the position I was in at the time, it was just before I had moved out of my gaff. I wrote the lyrics at my windowsill looking out into my garden, hence the floral references. But they’re all just metaphors. I just used the growth and space in my garden as a way of looking at how to grow as a person.

A friend of mine had said over a pint that his relationship with another family member was the greatest lesson in empathy he ever had, which really struck a chord with me. Psychologically I didn’t want to move out of my gaff having left things the way they were, so writing Lilac Leaves was a subtle way of trying to acknowledge forgiveness within a turbulent relationship I suppose.

Rec: A lot of bands have one way of writing and they stick to it. How do you guys bring it all together?

OM: So it varied up until now but we’ve gotten into a rhythm. We write the melody together as a group and then record it on my phone so when I go away to write lyrics I’ll have a structure to write around. I need the melody to inform me of what the song should be about. There’s no right formula, some bands’ songs will be informed by random lyrics or poetry as to what the melody should be, but this way works for us.

Rec: The covers of both What Might Be and Lilac Leaves certainly strike a chord. Is imagery something you guys consciously work on?

OM: We try to match imagery with the vibe or the meaning of the song yea, and the tune is about forgiveness. The photographs on the Lilac Leaves cover were taken by Irish photographer and video-maker Charlie Joe Doherty. There’s something strong yet vulnerable about a bare human body and we think it requires strength and empathy to forgive, but sometimes empathizing can place you in a vulnerable position. So we thought Charlie’s image captured that perfectly.

Rec: Will we be seeing a video too?

OM: Yeah but it’s under wraps until next week!

Rec: With the release of Lilac Leaves, will there be shows to follow?

OM: Yes! We begin our first headline tour in London on November 7th at The Old Blue Last. Then play The Speakeasy in Belfast on the 8th. And lastly, it’s onto Bennigans Yard in Derry on the 9th. And then our next Dublin show is on January 31st – playing Upstairs Whelans.

Image may contain: 4 people, people standing, shoes and outdoor

“Lilac Leaves” was recorded at Black Mountain Studios with James Darkin and while the video isn’t out until next week, you can hear the song right here

Odd Morris’ Upstairs Whelans gig is a headline show with Aiken. Be sure to grab your tickets on ticketmaster.ie! For all Odd Morris tickets, go to their Facebook page.


Photo Credit: Paula Trojner

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