Get all mushy and lovey-dovey Kurt Vile Live at Vicar Street

Kurt Vile & The Violators made their way to Vicar Street last Wednesday night and I was lucky enough to get myself a ticket. I’d been looking forward to this gig for quite a while so by the time it came around, I was ready for some good old indie-folk rock! Venue Vicar Street, oneContinue reading “Get all mushy and lovey-dovey Kurt Vile Live at Vicar Street”

IDLES, The Button Factory and On-Stage Antics

IDLES played The Button Factory last Monday night and I was lucky enough to get a ticket. The gig was originally meant to be played in The Academy (I think), but due to demand it was moved. And by God was the crowd looking forward to seeing them. Venue The Button Factory. Haven’t been thereContinue reading “IDLES, The Button Factory and On-Stage Antics”

Super Superorganism Live at The Academy

Venue The Academy. Only my second time being there. It was the perfect size for a gig like this; not too big, not too small. Support CHIA! Who? Good question; I’ve no idea either! Whoever they are, they’re brilliant. A super fun four piece dressed as their own Superheroes, or so it seemed, CHIA wereContinue reading “Super Superorganism Live at The Academy”


VOTE VILE! Or at least get a ticket to his Vicar Street show on November 14th. I’m going, and isn’t that reason enough to get one!? Only messing! Kurt Vile’s been making great music for almost two decades, firstly releasing two records as lead guitarist of The War On Drugs and four solo records since.Continue reading “VOTE VILE!”

The Sweet Sound of Anarchy

I say anarchy because the Shame gig last Saturday night was totally devoid of any rules or guidelines as to how a gig is meant to go down. In fact, lead singer Charlie Steen’s reassurances that it was “just entertainment” and encouragement to just “let go,┬ásmile and have fun” only spurred on the already excitedContinue reading “The Sweet Sound of Anarchy”

Big Thief Steal the Hearts of Many

The Big Thief gig at Whelans on April Fools day was one of those gigs where everything fell into place. Big Thief are an act for the people in that their music is relatable. So, the small stage setting of Whelans was the perfect place for them to connect with their adoring fans, and viceContinue reading “Big Thief Steal the Hearts of Many”

The Gloaming-National Concert Hall 6.3.18

This was a gig I couldn’t wait to see. I got the tickets the day they came out and I was lucky to be one of the first because it sold out in under 2 hours. The wait was long but it was so worth it. I’ve a few shows lined up this year butContinue reading “The Gloaming-National Concert Hall 6.3.18”