Zeros & Ones: 15 to 1

Maybe it’s the nostalgia this one strikes up in me, or maybe I simply ate something dodgy for breakfast. Either way, this new Zeros & Ones single has me twitching. It’s been a few years since the Galway natives released new music. Thankfully, they’re back today with an alt-rock gem, “15 to 1” ft. TinyContinue reading “Zeros & Ones: 15 to 1”

The Sweet Sound of Anarchy

I say anarchy because the Shame gig last Saturday night was totally devoid of any rules or guidelines as to how a gig is meant to go down. In fact, lead singer Charlie Steen’s reassurances that it was “just entertainment” and encouragement to just “let go,┬ásmile and have fun” only spurred on the already excitedContinue reading “The Sweet Sound of Anarchy”

Big Thief in Whelans!

Absolutely delighted to have gotten two tickets to Big Thief who will play Whelans on April 1st. Just getting into these guys whose albums ‘Masterpiece’ and ‘Capacity’ are incredible. Pure lyrics and a natural rock sound that’s both genuine and fresh, I can’t seem to pull myself away from them. Check out the mesmerising ‘Mary’Continue reading “Big Thief in Whelans!”