Angel Olsen-My Woman

I find a lot of my new music through bands I already follow. I also find this new music in places I would have turned against in the past such as Spotify and Instagram. Before, I would have really only bought new music if I had heard a song I liked or if a bandContinue reading “Angel Olsen-My Woman”

Big Thief Steal the Hearts of Many

The Big Thief gig at Whelans on April Fools day was one of those gigs where everything fell into place. Big Thief are an act for the people in that their music is relatable. So, the small stage setting of Whelans was the perfect place for them to connect with their adoring fans, and viceContinue reading “Big Thief Steal the Hearts of Many”

Big Thief-Capacity

Forgive me in advance if I get a little carried away with this one. Big Thief have shot out of nowhere to become one of my favourite bands at the minute. They’ve two records, ‘Masterpiece‘ released in 2016 which was quickly followed up by ‘Capacity’┬ámid 2017. It’s this record that I want to talk aboutContinue reading “Big Thief-Capacity”

Big Thief in Whelans!

Absolutely delighted to have gotten two tickets to Big Thief who will play Whelans on April 1st. Just getting into these guys whose albums ‘Masterpiece’ and ‘Capacity’ are incredible. Pure lyrics and a natural rock sound that’s both genuine and fresh, I can’t seem to pull myself away from them. Check out the mesmerising ‘Mary’Continue reading “Big Thief in Whelans!”