Angel Olsen-My Woman

I find a lot of my new music through bands I already follow. I also find this new music in places I would have turned against in the past such as Spotify and Instagram. Before, I would have really only bought new music if I had heard a song I liked or if a band had been recommended through a friend. I just thought that it was more organic, it just happened. Nowadays, all you’ve to do is selected ‘Browse’ on Spotify and your next favourite band slides in from across your screen.

That mini reflection/rant brings me to Angel Olsen. Her music came my way from a Big Thief post on Instagram about how they were supporting at one of her upcoming shows. I figured if they were supporting her she must be good! She is. She’s exceptional. Angel Olsen is an incredibly talented musician with three brilliant albums to her name. Firstly, ‘Half Way Home’ which was followed by ‘Burn Your Fire For No Witness’ and then the subject of today’s post, ‘My Woman‘. Olsen herself said that the themes of ‘My Woman‘ try to describe the “complicated mess of being a woman”. Her talent isn’t just confined to the music she makes either, its evident in every word on this record.

A lot of her work revolves around love and relationships and the first track of ‘My Woman’, ‘Intern’ wastes no time in falling back into that subject again. On first listen you hear a synth driven pop song that’s all about the daily tasks we all go through. However, by digging a little deeper you’ll find how she uses this idea as a front for love. Everyone experiences ups and downs but we all have to carry on. Paired with the synth(not her usual sound), you get a wondrous track that has many levels. From here on for the most part the record has a vintage sound inspired by 60’s country pop and 70’s glam. ‘Shut Up Kiss Me’, ‘Heart Shaped Face’ and ‘Never Be Mine’ all sound inspired by those influential decades. Stand out tracks for me are ‘Sister’ and ‘Woman’, two tracks where she goes heavy on the guitar. She sings “I dare you to understand, what makes me a woman” with purpose on ‘Woman’ before ripping into a solo.


‘Those Were The Days’ is yet another beautiful track, that that swoons its way to your heart with its love story. The record says its goodbyes with ‘Pops’, a piano lead track that’s a little on the downbeat side.

If you haven’t heard any of Angel Olsen’s stuff I suggest you go give her a listen asap. I’m in too deep now to tun back, but here music is certainly a healthy obsession!


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