Zeros & Ones: 15 to 1

Maybe it’s the nostalgia this one strikes up in me, or maybe I simply ate something dodgy for breakfast. Either way, this new Zeros & Ones single has me twitching.

It’s been a few years since the Galway natives released new music. Thankfully, they’re back today with an alt-rock gem, “15 to 1” ft. Tiny Murder.

While this is a song about relationships, the sound of “15 to 1” reminds me of much-loved bands such as Pixies, Sonic Youth, and Wussy – and I’ll tell you why. Although Zeros & Ones are themselves an all-male line-up, the feature of Tiny Murder gives the single a distinct personality that only a handful of alternative rock bands are able to pull off.

Sure, the edgy guitar waiting to burst from the background at every moment is one thing, but the backing vocals of Tiny Murder is another. She provides the balance, or calming influence, that just sits so perfectly with the energy of the single.

About three and a half minutes in Zeros & Ones kick the song into a heavier, distorted sound, driving it home from there (shame it has to finish).

“15 to 1” is available now on Spotify and to celebrate the release of the single, Zeros & Ones play Whelan’s TOMORROW night for FREE when you click “Going” on their Facebook page. Support on the night will come from Two Mile Borris. I will see you there.


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