Just Mustard Please

Just Mustard at The Workman’s Club was a gig I had been eagerly anticipating for a while now. Having had their debut Wednesday on repeat for the last few months, seeing them live was the last piece of the puzzle.


The Workman’s Club. Haven’t been to a gig here before but I enjoyed it. It’s a small venue but that only means you can get close to the band. Gotta keep an eye out for more gigs!



Just Mustard were supported by Tribal Dance on the night. The Dublin based experimental band certainly brought the noise as they rattled though a number of their songs that the crowd seemed to enjoy.

Main Act


When I first heard Wednesday I found it hard to believe Just Mustard were Irish which I know is ridiculous. However, I hadn’t been following their career or earlier releases and I was shocked by how complete they sounded. To hear that the record was recorded in their home studio only added to the mystery of who Just Mustard were.

Last Saturday night they brought that complete sound to the small stage of The Workman’s Club. Their set included favourites such as “Deaf”, “Pigs”, “Tainted” and “Boo”. As well as 6 tracks off Wednesday, Just Mustard played 4 tracks I hadn’t heard before; “Seven”, “Frank”, “Wine” and “October”. I’ve yet to go in search of these 4 tracks but if they came before Wednesday, then Just Mustard were producing great music long before they came to my attention.


I was (common theme) once again right at the front so I had my ears blown off. This is probably a trend I should change! Regardless, Just Mustard sounded as clear live as they do on record, so I was happy. Visuals were at a minimum but these guys have their roots in shoegaze, so who’s even looking?


Delighted that Just Mustard lived up to the hype. There was never a doubt in my mind that these guys would be great live though. Also, having seen them, I’ve no doubt that they’ve a bright future ahead of them.


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