Ireland’s Got Talent: Part 1

We’ve produced some great acts here in Ireland, haven’t we? It’s a long list that takes in the internationally known and locally beloved. Today, I want to stay local to a certain degree and talk about some of our up-and-coming acts.

Having finally bought a ticket to All Together Now I’ve been running through the list of performers, taking note of the Irish acts who will be hitting the stage this coming August Bank Holiday weekend. As well as telling you a little about these acts, I’ve decided to bring you a more comprehensive list of Irish acts that I think you should hear.

Just Mustard


I’ve blabbered on about Just Mustard for a while now and I’m not giving up. I think their debut Wednesday is one of the most daring records to come out of Ireland is years. With it, they pulled together a range of genres and ended up sounding somewhat like a mix of Slowdive, Warpaint, Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine.

They’ll be taking to the All Together Now stage this year and I’m sure they’ll end up blowing the audience away.

Pillow Queens

Pillow Queens are a four-piece from Dublin with a catalogue of excellent EPs to their name. They described their debut EP Calm Girls as dealing “with themes of despair, crisis of self and distrust”, covering those topics in a expertly crafted indie rock sound. Since then, they’ve released an abundance of music that has increased their fan base, making them one to watch at All Together Now 2019.

Fontaines D.C.


Another band I’ve been yapping on about is Fontaines D.C. They’ve been busy touring the UK and will be heading to the U.S with IDLES as a support act on their upcoming tour. Fontaines D.C. are also drawing attention from some major music publishers, such as NME.

They’ve released a number of acclaimed singles including the recent “Big”. A favourite of mine is “Too Real”-go check that one out.


Recorded in a bedroom of their rented Dublin house, Ships debut Precession went on to receive a Choice Music nomination. Drawing on inspiration from the past, their synth sound mixed with the vocals of Sorca McGrath makes Precession, and Ships, a leading sound of Ireland’s latest, ahem, fleet of musical talent.

I’ll be bringing you Ireland’s Got Talent: Part 2 very soon so be sure to keep a eye on the website.


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