Interpol Under the Bright Lights of The Olympia

Interpol are my favourite band of all-time so I’m always cautious when I write about them. I’ve no need to worry about being biased here though because I’m sure everyone who was in the Olympia on Monday night would agree that this show was brilliant.


The Olympia. Really no need for me to get into how much I love this place again, but for a band like Interpol it’s absolutely perfect. It suited many of their songs such as “Take You on a Cruise”, “Lights”, “NYC” and “Rest My Chemistry” in the sense that the venue contributed to the atmosphere that the songs themselves convey. The Olympia is also just the right size for everyone to feel close enough to the band and still be able to let loose.



Nilüfer Yanya supported Interpol and I really enjoyed her set. She was interrupted by a “technical default” midway through but played it off. She of course did “Baby Luv”, her new single “Heavyweight Champion of the Year”, “The Florist” “Golden Cage” and “Thanks 4 Nothing”. I’ve been keeping track of her stuff since she was announced as support and it’ll be interesting to see where 2019 takes her.

Main Act


Ah lads. As if I didn’t love these guys enough already! I was actually surprised by the setlist and the show itself. I was kind of expecting (fearing) that they would just come out and play the new record in its entirety and then leave. Instead, they incorporated songs from every album, making it this dream playlist that I really couldn’t believe I was hearing. They played “NYC”, “C’mere”, “Public Pervert”, “Evil”, “Lights”, “Slow Hands” and my all-time favourite song, yes ever, “Leif Erikson”. Every song was played to perfection, lifted straight from the records as if time had only made them sweeter. There wasn’t a single fault in each rendition. Paul Banks kept to the script in terms of vocals while Daniel Kessler didn’t miss a beat. Sam Fogarino never goes unnoticed and from behind his pristine drum kit I’m sure he saw our appreciation of his work. Even touring bassist Brad Truax has completely bought into the personas Interpol portray, easily filling the void Carlos D left when he ran for the hills of Hollywood.

All-in-all, it was the Interpol show I’ve been dreaming about for almost 13 years. Shame I didn’t get a ticket for the Tuesday gig! To see the full setlist, click here.


Yanya had a little trouble with her mic during her first 4/5 tracks but apart from that it was solid. I was right up front so everything was blared into my face anyway! Interpol put on a great light show, one I wasn’t expecting at all which added to the atmosphere.


I love these guys. I’ve been listening to them for over a decade and their gigs are never just another one. This was their best show of what I’ve seen and I’m sure anyone who went along to either of the 3 nights had a great time. They’re total professionals, they played a cracking set and they looked like they were having fun doing it. Highly recommended.


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