As my third IDLES show draws nearer I’m back in full ear-blasting mode and rebellious mood. I’ll be seeing them on July 11th at Iveagh Gardens with support coming from two amazing bands: Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever and The Claque. So ya, I’m pretty excited. On Meat, you can hear IDLES building the foundation ofContinue reading “IDLES-Meat EP”

All Is Love: IDLES at Vicar Street

IDLES returned to Dublin Tuesday night for a highly anticipated show. After their Button Factory performance¬†last year, Vicar Street offered them another opportunity to further cement their place as an Irish punk fan favourite. And they didn’t disappoint. Venue Wonderful Vicar Street. I’ve been here a good bit over the last two years, seeing theContinue reading “All Is Love: IDLES at Vicar Street”

IDLES, The Button Factory and On-Stage Antics

IDLES played The Button Factory last Monday night and I was lucky enough to get a ticket. The gig was originally meant to be played in The Academy (I think), but due to demand it was moved. And by God was the crowd looking forward to seeing them. Venue The Button Factory. Haven’t been thereContinue reading “IDLES, The Button Factory and On-Stage Antics”


So I’ve been listening to IDLES and ‘Brutalism’ for quite a while now and I’ve been dying to bring you a review because these guys are by far the most exciting band in Britain right now. This LP expands on the work and persona they had built for themselves with 2015’s EP ‘Meat‘. With ‘Brutalism‘,Continue reading “IDLES-Brutalism”


Never has there been an easier choice for Track Of The Week than ‘Exeter’. ‘Brutalism‘ is an explosive record all over and IDLES blunt and slightly comedic¬†approach to writing actually sits well with the raging sound of the record. This is my favourite track off the record and if it strikes a chord in you,Continue reading “TOTW-IDLES-Exeter”