All Is Love: IDLES at Vicar Street

IDLES returned to Dublin Tuesday night for a highly anticipated show. After their Button Factory performance last year, Vicar Street offered them another opportunity to further cement their place as an Irish punk fan favourite. And they didn’t disappoint.


Wonderful Vicar Street. I’ve been here a good bit over the last two years, seeing the likes of The National, Kurt Vile and Sharon Van Etten, and I always have a good night. Everyone seems to and last night was no different. The only drawback was a dodgy pint of lager I got that I actually couldn’t drink! Only took a sip when I was already front and centre, and there’s no way I’m giving that up!



Crows. IDLES have been promoting these guys on their own social media for a while now, with several singles released over the last 12 months that they drew attention to. Crows recently released their debut record Silver Tongues which is actually a banger (I’ll review later).

They’re set was very good and very loud. It was a little hard to make out the vocals, but it didn’t upset the performance. The lead singer even made his way into the crowd which is something I haven’t seen from many support acts. Their half hour set included well known tracks “Hang Me High”, “Chain of Being” and “Empyrean”. All in all, a fantastic band to get the crowd going.

Main Act

Just like last time, IDLES were absolutely amazing. People don’t come to see IDLES because they have a favourite song, or a popular one that everyone just waits around to hear. People come to see IDLES because all of their music means something and their live shows are wild.

There wasn’t a moment’s rest from when Joe Talbot joined the band around 9:30, to the second the last drop of sweat hit the stage floor at 11. They flew through almost all of their songs, with tracks such as “Exeter”, “Divide & Conquer”, “Samaritans”, “Mother” and “Danny Nedelko” causing particular ruckus. Every song was bang on though, with Lee Kiernan and Mark Bowen popping into the crowd from time to time to add to the festivities.

In the crowd, we were like a sweaty meat stew splashing back and forth, Talbot holding the stirring spoon. It was a mix of young and old, calm and crazy, and most importantly, excited and interested individuals. We knew the words to every song, with Talbot pointing the mic in the direction of the crowd to sing along more than once.

I even got my hands on a setlist!



Bangin’, and better than the Button Factory! The lighting actually had a greater effect last night, with certain sequences heightening the effect of the song.

The sound was also perfect for IDLES although with Crows, and it is their style, it was a little hard to make out the vocals. I don’t think it put anyone off however.



Just like last time; blown away! They bring it all to the stage (nothing but underwear in Mark’s case) and give the people what they want. They’re able to replicate the ferocity of their records in their live shows, with Talbot’s musings and words of advice constantly prepping you up for the next song.

IDLES play her again in July at the Iveagh Gardens. I’m not sure if tickets are still available, but it’s definitely worth a look!


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