As my third IDLES show draws nearer I’m back in full ear-blasting mode and rebellious mood. I’ll be seeing them on July 11th at Iveagh Gardens with support coming from two amazing bands: Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever and The Claque. So ya, I’m pretty excited.

On Meat, you can hear IDLES building the foundation of the sound we know them for today. While not going full throttle, Meat is a marked improvement on their softer, wandering debut EP Welcome. Opening track “Queens” begins with a rasp and is swiftly followed by background screams. Still a little radio friendly, it does sound as though the band had finally given into their urges to go a bit wild.

After doing a little research I’ve actually found an interesting explanation for the following track, and a well known IDLES song, “The Idles Chant”. It’s actually a cover/rewrite of a 60s song called “Monk Chant” by The Monks! Don’t believe me, click here! “The Idles Chant” is mostly “wooahs” and “yeahs” but it’s actually about community – somehow.

“Romantic Gestures” is one of the first IDLES songs to blend both their punk sound with a well-intention message – this one is about love. The closing track “Nice Man”, as I hear it anyway, is about an abusive relationship and the emotions and reaction of the victim. Now, I could be completely wrong, but judging by the lyrics I think I’m close enough.

In just 4 tracks, IDLES made Meat an EP to remember. It gave fans something to bite into before following it up with the masterpiece that is Brutalism.


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