David Keenan-Evidence of Living

(Sigh) What a shame it is this EP has to end after 23 minutes. What a shame that all of David Keenan’s EPs released over the last two years have ended too soon. While each release offers proof of his outstanding talent, Evidence of Living gives us a complete collection of songs that bind allContinue reading “David Keenan-Evidence of Living”

NEW BAND ALERT: Insideawave

Today I want to give you the heads up on one of Ireland best up-and-coming bands, Insideawave. They’re an indie five piece based in Dublin and they’ve recently released their first two singles, ‘Estuary’ and ‘Enough’. Obviously you’ll have to give them a listen yourself but I’ve had both tracks on repeat for the lastContinue reading “NEW BAND ALERT: Insideawave”

Who, what, whenyoung?

whenyoung are an Irish band I’ve recently discovered on Spotify. Yes yes I know, Spotify. It works, who knew? Anyway, they’ve only four tracks up there for us to hear but for the most part, this indie/punk trio are pretty good. They also have a cover of ‘Fairytale Of New York’ up there that featuresContinue reading “Who, what, whenyoung?”

The Academic-Tales From The Backseat

I don’t usually do reviews for pop bands from Mullingar, but I felt I needed to this time. Just kidding! We all love to see our own doing well and making a name for themselves and The Academic are doing just that. They’ve just released their debut, as in a matter of hours ago, titledContinue reading “The Academic-Tales From The Backseat”

Laura Ann Brady-Lie

Laura Ann Brady is one of Ireland’s most refreshing talents and funnily enough, an old friend. I’ve picked up on her music recently again and I’d like to talk about her new release, ‘Lie’. I’ve had it on repeat lately and I’m telling you about it because you simply have to take 6 little minutesContinue reading “Laura Ann Brady-Lie”

Shag Haired Villains – There Is A Noise

You know that painful search for new music everyone goes through? You’re tired of your current Playlist or constantly dropping back into an old album again and you need something fresh. This happens to me ALL.THE.TIME. I love an album for a month or two and then I don’t find anything new within it, andContinue reading “Shag Haired Villains – There Is A Noise”

Ciaran Moran – Almost Anyone

Up and coming Irish singer songwriter Ciaran Moran has given us the pleasure of reviewing his soon to be released debut single ‘Almost Anyone’. Ciaran has already supported Damian Dempsey as part of his ‘No Force On Earth Tour‘ and this single will be out at the end of the month. Produced by Jackknife J,Continue reading “Ciaran Moran – Almost Anyone”