Ireland’s Got Talent: Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our Ireland’s Got Talent series. Part 1 featured our first 4 up-and-coming acts, and today we’ve got 4 more great bands and artists for you to check out.

The Murder Capital


The Murder Capital are one of the many bands I’ve been dying to see live, and I’m not the only one. They spent the guts of 2018 playing their post-punk bangers to crowds across the UK, receiving praise everywhere they went.

The interesting thing about The Murder Capital is that they had everyone going crazy without having even released a single. They made their name with their live shows instead. Thankfully however, that single came in the form of “Feeling Fades“. I strongly suggest checking it out.


FONDA are a garage-pop band from Limerick, or so I gather, that have gone from an original 3-piece to a newly formed 5-piece. In 2015 they released Social Services, a 4-track EP that showcased their potential. They followed that up with “Dreaming” in 2016. This one is catchy as hell, taking our Track of the Week this week too!



PowPig are one of the most hyped Irish bands at the moment. A 4-piece from Limerick, their lo-fi alternative sound has yet to be finely tuned, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have some great tracks to their name already; check out “Blue Man Child” and “Rosalee”.

They’ve released two EPs to date, Denture Adventure and Buzz Buzz

Junior Brother

A Kerry native, Junior Brother has been making a name for himself recently. As well as releasing 3 tracks in 2018, including the well received “The Back of Her“, he’s been spotted supporting David Keenan during his few escapades around Dublin.

One for the future, his wonderful accent isn’t the only thing that sets him apart.


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