Ireland’s Got Talent: Part 3

We’re back with Part 3 of our Ireland’s Got Talent series! Hopefully you’ve found some new music to fall in love with in parts 1 & 2, but if you’re still looking for that new sound, fear not, Part 3 should take care of that.


Silverbacks are a band with massive potential. They’ve released a number of singles and EPs to date, the most recent being the brilliant “Just In The Band”. Their EP Sink The Fat Moon, especially the opener “Dirty Money”, bares similarities with Sonic Youth, although I guess that can be said for many alternative bands. Nevertheless, I’m sure Silverbacks will forge their own sound. Keep an ear out for them in 2019.

David Keenan


You’ve probably heard of David Keenan by now, either in one of the many articles written about him or for his recent appearance on The Late Late Show. Either way, it’s only the beginning for him. His most recent EP, Evidence of Living, was well received and now it’s generally accepted that we’ll be hearing plenty more of him over the coming years.

If you give Evidence of Living a listen, you’ll hear why.


THUMPER have been slowly but surely releasing music since 2015. While being on the noisier side of alt-rock, THUMPER’s music remains catchy. 2017’s pop! goes the weasel is a perfect example of their ability to blend noise with rhythm. That EP put them on the map, getting them slots with bands such as The Strypes and Fangclub. 2019 should be a big year for the band, and with an EP scheduled for May, this could be the summer of THUMPER.



MUNKY are an alt-rock band who have so far released three singles, including this year’s “You’ve Got Male”, a catchy number with some serious riffs. They will also be releasing an EP in April titled Un, Deux, Trois,Cat,meaning you’re sure to hear much more of them in the coming months.

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