Ireland’s Got Talent: Part 3

We’re back with Part 3 of our Ireland’s Got Talent series! Hopefully you’ve found some new music to fall in love with in parts 1 & 2, but if you’re still looking for that new sound, fear not, Part 3 should take care of that. Silverbacks Silverbacks are a band with massive potential. They’ve releasedContinue reading “Ireland’s Got Talent: Part 3”

Ireland’s Got Talent: Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our Ireland’s Got Talent series. Part 1 featured our first 4 up-and-coming acts, and today we’ve got 4 more great bands and artists for you to check out. The Murder Capital The Murder Capital are one of the many bands I’ve been dying to see live, and I’m not the onlyContinue reading “Ireland’s Got Talent: Part 2”