Ciarán Moran Releases Debut EP

Dublin wordsmith Ciarán Moran has today released his debut EP & I Haven’t Even Started Yet. Featuring 5 tracks, the EP, for reclessreviews anyway, is an improvement for an artist who’s songs are influenced by both personal and social issues. His distinctive accent also sets him apart, forming a correlation between his music and his message

Against a cheerful, swinging composition, & I Haven’t Even Started Yet‘s opens with “Audrey”. Here, Moran brings us the story a woman he can’t quiet figure out, someone he pleads with to open up. There’s a contrast between the sound and the message, but it works. “Prisoner” is a much more truthful track about a teenager who can be found in every town, village and estate in Ireland. Everything we face, fight and dream of in our late teens is used as inspiration, with some of the lyrics actually quite cutting.

Where I noticed the greatest improvement between & I Haven’t Even Started Yet and Moran’s earlier releases is its sound. His source of his inspiration is the world around him and that’s evident in his songwriting, and for me that’s always been pretty solid. Here however, he steps away from being overly reliant on acoustics, instead adding an array of instruments that carry the songs further. As a consequence, his music now has a much more well rounded sound to it.

“I Won’t Give Up” is a track that could easily find its way onto one of those sports montages we see in the build-up to big games. I don’t mean any offence by that, I just think it fits the bill. It’s a song that will drive you on and a song I think Moran feels a particular connection to. “I Won’t Give Up” might actually just be the standout track!

The two closing tracks of & I Haven’t Even Started Yet peel the sound back down to bring more attention to the lyric content. “Follow Your Soul” and “Mother” are two of Moran’s previously released songs. Two tracks that I sense could only be written by someone with personal experiences in the subjects discussed, they’re both quite moving, even gripping at times. You can’t ignore them, nor can you ignore the fact that Moran has a knack for transcending the void between storyteller and listener, especially when it comes to explaining personal matters.

As I’ve mentioned previously, & I Haven’t Even Started Yet is an improvement for Moran. Both lyrically and musically, he has expanded his skill set and appeal. While it remains an EP, it creates excitement to see what Moran delivers once he finally does begin.



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