Anamoe Drive: Goodbye & Goodluck

This week’s Track of the Week comes courtesy of one of Ireland’s newest acts. Or, at least that’s until you dig a little deeper into who Anamoe Drive really is and learn…you know what, I’ll let you do your own digging. Their debut single “Goodbye & Goodluck” dropped recently and I can’t stop listening. SoContinue reading “Anamoe Drive: Goodbye & Goodluck”

David Keenan: A Beginner’s Guide to Bravery

The wait is finally over. Dundalk’s David Keenan has released his long-awaited debut album A Beginner’s Guide to Bravery after a string of successful EPs, and reclessreviews couldn’t be happier. Keenan is well known for being a storyteller. However, the greatest story he’s written may very well be his own. Having moved to Liverpool inContinue reading “David Keenan: A Beginner’s Guide to Bravery”

Shaky Shack: In Honey

Shaky Shack make me smile. Their wonderful DIY alt-pop tracks, recorded in a bedroom, are drenched in easy sounds that sit at home in every season. Having released “Selfish Fever” back in 2018, they’ve returned with a new single (at last). “In Honey” has just hit the airwaves and I can’t wait for you guysContinue reading “Shaky Shack: In Honey”

Slyrydes: Dangerous Animals

Galway’s Slyrydes don’t mess around. For the last 6 years, they’ve been defining their sound, building momentum and slowly getting louder. They’ve recently released their latest single “Dangerous Animals” from their upcoming debut album Galway’s Slyrydes. Here’s what they had this to say about the song: “This song is more about why we feel the way weContinue reading “Slyrydes: Dangerous Animals”

Odd Morris on new single “Lilac Leaves” and life lessons over pints

Odd Morris gave us “What Might Be” earlier this year. A gritty alt-rock gem, it added Odd Morris to the ever-growing list of Irish bands to watch out for. That was back in March. Today they release their second single, “Lilac Leaves”, and Reclessreviews has the inside scoop behind the song just for you. We managedContinue reading “Odd Morris on new single “Lilac Leaves” and life lessons over pints”

MUNKY are back with a brand new banger!

Like a magician about to pull back the cloak or a bag of Haribo Star Mix, you just never know what you’re going to get with MUNKY. One of the more diverse (and fun) bands on the Irish music scene right now, MUNKY have been nothing but unpredictable in their short existence. And now they’reContinue reading “MUNKY are back with a brand new banger!”

There’s no ignoring Skinner’s new single

The Irish music scene has been flourishing of late, with many of our homegrown, DIY bands even making it on the international stage. Almost every week now we hear of another act coming through that “you just have to hear!” Some stand out more than others. And that’s where Skinner find themselves. Having only releasedContinue reading “There’s no ignoring Skinner’s new single”


Picking a Track of the Week (when I remember to) is easy when great songs come along. This week’s is another simple choice… INSIDEAWAVE released “Village” on August 9th and it’s gone down a treat since. And why wouldn’t it? It’s a wonderful indie ditty as sweet as sugar. Here’s a link to INSIDEAWAVE’s SpotifyContinue reading “INSIDEAWAVE: VILLAGE”

The Murder Capital: When I Have Fears

Love, loss, fear, friendship. Permanence. Or, the lack there of. The delicacy of life which you are only reminded of when what you thought would last forever is swept away like sand from the palm of your hand. Brutal, yes, but part of life. And The Murder Capital know it. Post-punk past and present WhenContinue reading “The Murder Capital: When I Have Fears”

The Murder Capital-Don’t Cling To Life

The Murder Capital have just released their latest single “Don’t Cling To Life” which takes our Track of the Week spot. With what will probably be their last release before their album When I Have Fears drops on August 16th, we find The Murder Capital going full belt. Check out the official video below.