Zach James Douglas releases new single ‘Even as the Knife Went Through’

Zach James Douglas is a producer and songwriter from Dublin. Previously of Glastonbury- and Electric Picnic-playing band Little One, he’s now going solo and is back with his second single of 2021, ‘Even as the Knife Went Through’.

This new track is a follow-up to ‘Something/Anything’ which came out earlier this year and showed real promise. ‘Even As The Knife Went Through’ features guest vocalist Saoirse and puts as much emphasis on thoughtful lyrics as it does distinctive sound. Building slowly, the track works from ambient beginnings into a dazzling dance track.

Describing ‘Even as the Knife Went Through’, Douglas says it “…explores the scarred mental state of someone who’s been hurt by a previous partner. It details the intimacy and trust issues that a person develops within future relationships and how despite being the target of such abuse, they still tend to carry a sense of guilt and a deeply hard wired love for their ex partner.”

To find out more about Zach James Douglas, check him out on Instagram, Facebook, and Spotify.


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