Nine Inch Nail- The Downward Spiral

Look, ‘The Downward Spiral’ has ‘Closer’, ‘March Of The Pigs’, ‘Hersey’, ‘Reptile’, ‘Piggy’ AND ‘Hurt’. That’s enough for most albums to be remembered 50 years down the line. The Downward Spiral has about five more tracks on par with these, so needless to say its special. This album sounds completely different to ‘Pretty Hate Machine’Continue reading “Nine Inch Nail- The Downward Spiral”

Track Of The Week-El Vy- No Time To Crank The Sun

I love El Vy. Their album ‘Return To The Moon is one of the best albums of 2015 and has so many stand out tracks. My track of the day is a beaut, No Time To Crank The Sun is one I have on repeat on a regular basis. Have a listen because if youContinue reading “Track Of The Week-El Vy- No Time To Crank The Sun”

Track Of The Week-The XX-On Hold

I’m starting a track of the week section purely to share the new XX track. It’s just out today with an album to follow on January 17th. Compared to previous XX material, its different, more lively and incredibly creative, have a listen and enjoy. G.M

The Antlers-Familiars

‘Familiars’ was released in 2014 and brought with it the usual acclaim an Antlers album does. It is The Antlers fifth album and you would expect to see the pattern of growth musically continue. I’m giving the album a listen and reviewing it at the same time, so this is based off first impression, albeitContinue reading “The Antlers-Familiars”

Stone Temple Pilots-Core

Core is the first album released by Stone Temple Pilots. Like many other hard rock bands such as Alice In Chains and Pearl Jam that came to prominence in the 90’s, STP had the hard rock sound, long hair, screaming vocals and drugs, except maybe they had a more consistent heavy grunge rock sound. YouContinue reading “Stone Temple Pilots-Core”

Teen Men-Teen Men

I like Teen Men. There, I said it. The first time I became aware of these guys was Electric Owl in Vancouver. They were supporting Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and to be honest, they were ten times better than the headliners. They had a quirky Vampire Weekend feel to them, with every song being oneContinue reading “Teen Men-Teen Men”

The Antlers: Hospice

Hospice is the 3rd album released by The Antlers. It came out in 2009, and I think I bought it sometime in early 2010 because it was pretty new. I found The Antlers on The Last Broadcast, as I have with many more bands I follow. I didn’t know much about them as a whole,Continue reading “The Antlers: Hospice”

Ryan Adams: Demolition

‘Thinking some of suicide, but there’s bars out here for miles‘. Listening to this for the first time in about 8 years and its better than I remember. You know those albums you just don’t get when you’re young, songs you think could have been better, lyrics you think are silly. Maybe you just didn’tContinue reading “Ryan Adams: Demolition”

Interpol: Turn On The Bright Lights

Before I get into the review, I have to say that this is my favourite album of all time, but I won’t let that dictate my review. Released in 2002, the album didn’t exactly blow up. It was more successful in the UK than the United States, though it did well on the Independent Charts.Continue reading “Interpol: Turn On The Bright Lights”