Nature TV: Hometown

Brighton’s Nature TV are all geared up to take over the airwaves. With their 2019 EP ‘Emotion Sickness’ receiving praise from the likes of DIY, Clash, and The Line Of Best Fit, the sky’s the limit for the indie-pop group. And, with the release of their new single, “Hometown“, the first track off their upcomingContinue reading “Nature TV: Hometown”

Beach House-7

‘7’ is the latest record by Beach House and you guessed it, their seventh in total. I became a fan after hearing ‘Bloom’ and I thought ‘Depression Cherry’ and ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars’ were pretty decent too. I did however feel though that a lot of their stuff sounds the same but well, of courseContinue reading “Beach House-7”

Gimme Som More!

Jay Som is an artist I’ve only just picked up on because I’ve seen that she will be supporting The National this summer when they play in Dublin. Other acts playing include Lisa Hannigan, John Grant and Preoccupations, so it’s sure to be a hell of a day! ‘Everybody Works’, Som’s second album, is onContinue reading “Gimme Som More!”


Visions is Grimes third album released in 2012. I heard ‘Oblivion’ around that time and liked it so I kept tabs on what she was doing. It wasn’t until 2014 that I bought the album and I wish I had it two years earlier!! Subsequently, my girlfriend and I went mad for Grimes, and weContinue reading “Grimes-Visions”

Track Of The Week-The XX-On Hold

I’m starting a track of the week section purely to share the new XX track. It’s just out today with an album to follow on January 17th. Compared to previous XX material, its different, more lively and incredibly creative, have a listen and enjoy. G.M

The Antlers: Hospice

Hospice is the 3rd album released by The Antlers. It came out in 2009, and I think I bought it sometime in early 2010 because it was pretty new. I found The Antlers on The Last Broadcast, as I have with many more bands I follow. I didn’t know much about them as a whole,Continue reading “The Antlers: Hospice”