Beach House-7

‘7’ is the latest record by Beach House and you guessed it, their seventh in total. I became a fan after hearing ‘Bloom’ and I thought ‘Depression Cherry’ and ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars’ were pretty decent too. I did however feel though that a lot of their stuff sounds the same but well, of course it does. It’s dream pop, so they’ve built their reputation on creating an atmosphere within each song which is intertwined with fairly soft guitar riffs. On ‘7’ however, they pick up the pace.

No seriously, they really do pick up the pace here. There’s a consistent sound to the record that edges more towards alt rock in that they’re much more catchy and easy on the ears. They’ve pushed the boundaries here, going beyond anything they’ve done before. It’s pretty much the whole album too by the way that works because it’s hard to find a single moment where they let themselves down.

Could it be their magnum opus? Quite possible. It’s seriously good. As in one of the best albums of the year. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what ‘8’ is like!




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