Nature TV’s ‘You & Me’ – a song for now and ever more

The school dance is winding down. Teachers move and position themselves by the light switches to perform one swift buzz-kill. Parents wait outside, smoking and talking about their own younger days. The DJ checks his watch and sees he has time for one last song. Nature TV’s ‘You & Me’ comes on. 

The silky guitars and tender, dreamy vocals begin. Beneath the tawdry disco ball coupled teens sway; a cheek rests on a shoulder, a nose tickles a neck, and eyes close. The melody moves them, the lyrics speak for them: “In my dreams, I cannot describe, ‘cos baby, it ain’t nothing but you and me.” A solo kicks in and somewhere down a dark hall a janitor air guitars with a sweeping brush, thinking of how he can’t wait to get off work so he can dance with his lady. 

You & Me’ plays out and the lights come on. Everyone leaves, but the night never ends. 

Or, at least that’s what I hear when I listen to ‘You & Me’.

Summarising this gorgeous song, frontman Guy Bangham says, “You & Me is a track which seems fitting for the moment, as it’s all about longing to be with the person you’re always thinking about, even if the relationship you’re missing is an imagined or dreamed version of it. Just would be nice to have no problems, you can just hang out, go places and be happy I guess.”

You & Me’ is out now and while you’re there, have a listen through their catalogue and in particular, ‘Hey Man’ which came out in early February.

You can also keep up with Nature TV on their website, Instagram, and Facebook where they share all their latest music and news. 


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