South of France drops debut album Remember That Cool Thing We Did

Remember That Cool Thing We Did is the debut album by indie-rocker South of France and it couldn’t have dropped at a better time. Full of instantly lovable tracks, it’s an album connected to the joys of the past while remembering everything happens for a reason. 

Denver-based composer Jeff Cormack, aka South of France, has been hard at it for a while. He’s opened for the likes of Flaming Lips and Portugal the Man, had songs featured in Bojack Horseman and Shameless, and recently performed live on NPR

Thankfully, all the hard work has paid off with the release of his debut album. Named after a phrase that often triggers a sweet trip down memory lane, Remember That Cool Thing We Did is a 14-track journey soaked in nostalgic vibes and catchy hooks. Tracks such as the opener ‘Sidewalk‘ (video below), ‘Comme Ça’, ‘Summerhearts’, and ‘Where’s the Door?’ all explode with throwback lyrics and electric arrangements. 

Speaking about the album, Cormack says, “I’m an album guy, I’m old school that way. I’m obsessed with long 90’s albums with secret tracks. I love when it feels like you’re peeling back layers and layers as you listen to something from front to back, like you’re getting deeper into someone’s brain.”

Remember That Cool Thing We Did is out now and I highly recommend you get on it asap! For all things South of France, follow them on Instagram and Facebook.


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