Casual Vice release new EP ‘Joie De Vivre’

Californian indie rock duo Casual Vice are those two guys hell-bent on bringing you summer all year round and their new EP Joie De Vivre does just that.

Casual Vice consists of Kyle Krone (former frontman for the Shys) and Brandon Hoogenboom (previously of Australian group Set Sail). New EP Joie De Vivre, which follow’s 2020’s Summer Noir, is a six track collection of blissful pop tracks. 

Singles ‘Instead’ and ‘Antihero’ capture Casual Vice at their creative peak, while ‘Unknown Destination’ shows their more thoughtful side. 

“Joie de vivre is a classic phrase that expresses a sentiment and vibe that we’d like to put out there right now,” Krone says. “Bringing thoughtfulness, romance and ceremony to everything you do, even if you’re fooling yourself a little bit.”

Hoogenboom added, “It’s fun because as musicians we tend to overthink a lot of things, so we’ve thrown everything out the window for this album. We just did what makes us happy.” 

 Joie De Vivre is out now for your, well, enjoyment! Keep up with Casual Vice over on Facebook and Instagram and check out all of their releases on Spotify


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